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  • Osteochondrosis of the cervical spine: what kind of disease is it? Causes of the disease. General symptoms of cervical osteochondrosis.
    17 January 2024
  • Arthritis and arthrosis are two completely different diseases, each with its own causes, symptoms and treatments.
    9 September 2022
  • What are the symptoms associated with cervical osteochondrosis and how to prevent the occurrence of the disease.
    8 September 2022
  • What is osteochondrosis of the cervical spine: causes and symptoms, conservative and surgical treatment, prevention.
    8 December 2021
  • Causes and symptoms, types of osteoarthritis of the joints. Diagnosis and treatment of the disease.
    8 December 2021
  • In this section you can learn about osteochondrosis. We answer the questions: who gets sick most often, causes and symptoms. We describe methods of treatment and prevention. How and what to do during aggravation and forgiveness. How to get rid of sharp pains.
    8 December 2021